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Regenerative Communities:The Future of Aging

An MEA Regenerative Community is to the 21st century what a retirement community was to the 20th. We shift the primary aspiration in aging from leisure to cultivating purpose and connection by building vibrant communities centered around a campus for midlife wisdom retreats and sabbaticals.

Instead of a golf course, we have a regenerative farm or ranch. Instead of a closed community, intergenerational engagement is a core value—with opportunities to learn, grow, serve and work together in an interconnected community rooted in practical wisdom.

Re·gen·er·a·tive /rəˈjen(ə)rədiv/

“being restored to a better, higher or more worthy state; spiritually reborn or converted”

Re·tire·ment /rəˈtī(ə)rmənt/

“withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life; to be in seclusion”

After creating the proof of concept Modern Elder Academy in Baja California Sur, Mexico, we’re setting out to grow a collection of MEA Regenerative Communities in the U.S. starting in Santa Fe, New Mexico—our new headquarters. The ethos, rich culture, distinct vernacular and human scale, enchanting natural environment, deep spiritual connection, and intergenerational and diverse population make this land an ideal setting for our vision.

Re·gen·er·a·tive /rəˈjen(ə)rədiv/

“being restored to a better, higher or more worthy state; spiritually reborn or converted”

Re·tire·ment /rəˈtī(ə)rmənt/

“withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life; to be in seclusion”

What defines an MEA Regenerative Community?

We see the foundation of regeneration as embracing our inherent interconnectedness and interdependence. This suggests that to bring about a truly resilient and flourishing community, regeneration must extend beyond the soil and include the soul—and consider their relationship to one another. From this perspective, there are four pillars that define an MEA Regenerative Community.

MEA Regenerative Pillars

MEA’s core curriculum is dedicated to helping people in midlife and beyond understand how their primary “operating system” shifts later in life—from ego to soul. Just like adolescence is a threshold to adulthood and deserves schools, tools, and rites of passage, “middlescence” (age 45-60) is the threshold to elderhood and deserves its own rituals.

One of the greatest lessons learned since we opened MEA in January 2018 is the deep desire for community. With more than 1,000 alums in 24 countries and regional chapters around the world, MEA is the antidote to loneliness and alienation and our programs create bonds that will last a lifetime.

This perspective on regeneration also means an investment in the local community—as MEA has done in Baja and will do in Santa Fe—by supporting regional and local resiliency in northern New Mexico, which includes partnering with local businesses, programming and educational opportunities for the local community, and regeneration of the natural environment.

Regenerative agriculture is a restorative approach to food and farming and ranching systems. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle (water retention), enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil. It is one of the best means to address climate change.

The Movement Grows Here

The first time we stepped on the land of Saddleback Ranch, we knew it was special and had deep lineage. We’ve started a “Modern Elder” movement that will be catalyzed by this soulful location in the glorious Galisteo Basin, 25 minutes outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. This particular site will be called MEA Santa Fe Ranch and will become home to the first Modern Elder Academy in the United States.

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